Kink Coaching



I offer individual coaching sessions in English or German for kink newbies and the curious.

This coaching is for you if:

  • You want to go to a fetish club, but don’t know the etiquette or what to wear

  • You are curious about kink and want to see if it might be something for you

  • You want to try kink but are feeling nervous and unsure

  • You have dabbled in kink and want to take things a step further

  • You are kinky at home but would like to explore the wider kink scene

  • You know you are kinky and would like to find a play partner

  • You want to explore kink with your partner but aren’t sure how to go about it

  • You have so many questions about kink and nowhere to ask them (I hear ya…)

Whether you’re new to the scene, toying with the idea or simply curious, I can help you take your first steps in exploring your most obscene desires in a safe space.

Coaching sessions will be tailored to your specific needs and questions. You can expect a relaxed judgment-free atmosphere in which we will: 

  • Identify your wants, desires and boundaries

  • Address any concerns you have about getting started in kink

  • Discuss emotional and physical well-being when engaging in kink

  • Address how to avoid pitfalls when getting started

  • Discuss first steps to introducing kink in a partnership

  • Identify first steps to entering the wider kink scene

  • Get practical advice on how to top, bottom, dominate and submit

  • Get practical advice on the safe use of rope and basic toys

  • Answer all those questions you can’t ask anywhere else (yes, even the stupid ones)

If you are already poised to enter the kink scene I recommend the 5 session coaching package. You will likely find that you have more questions after your first kink encounters and want to integrate what you have experienced over a period of time. Kink can be an intense physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual experience and may just be the most rewarding thing you’ve ever done.


About me


Hi, I’m Heidi. Your kinky fairy bra mother.

I have been kinky all my life, starting with an early interest in all things sexually deviant that never quite subsided. I was a perverted kid. Not gonna lie.

This interested persisted, but it took me a long time to finally enter the scene. And when I did, it wasn’t easy. I had nobody to talk to about my weird desires. I knew no kinky people. I had no information. I had no clue how to even begin.

And I had so many questions.


What are these kinky people like?

And what do they do at their secretive parties?

Can I go?

And if I do, do I have to be naked and have sex?

What if there is something I don't want to do?

And anyway, what is this BDSM stuff even about?

I was terrified.

Terrified. But curious.

In my twenties I moved to what is arguably known as Europe’s kink capital, intent on exploring everything the hedonistic city of Berlin had to offer. And what I found was so much more than just sex and parties.

I have been in the kink scene for more than ten years now. Playing as a top and a bottom I know both sides of the experience intimately. Thanks to BDSM I have grown more confident, deepened my self-knowledge, learned to define and push my boundaries and have had the most intense, transcendent and transformational experiences.

And you can too.

If you’re curious about the scene but have doubts and questions that you don’t know whom to ask, book a session with me.

I can give you first-hand information on the practice of BDSM and show you how you can discover the scene for yourself without running into safety issues or overstepping your boundaries.

If you want to learn how to get started in kink armed with self-knowledge and confidence, let’s talk! It could be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do.